2-Stroke ATV Mechanic

Your 2-stroke ATV gets dirty, and it should. But, to extend the life of your 2-stroke ATV, you need everything inside to be clean and well maintained. For that, you need to call an ATV mechanic. At Dirt Bike Mechanic MA, we know quads and ATVs because we service and repair them regularly. 

We offer a variety of services that will help maintain your 2-stroke ATV or repair it if it’s experienced damage. Our specialized mechanic Nico provides servicing, repair, restoration and maintenance on:

  • CylindersTune-ups
  • CarburetorsModifications
  • Port and Re-Chamber
  • Rebuilds
  • Crankshaft work
  • Engine repair and servicing
  • And more

Altogether we offer a large variety of services for 2-stroke ATVs and Quads. Our quad repair options are extensive and cover normal wear and tear as well as damage. With a service team that delivers quality work every time. ​

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    Types Of ATV & Quad Services:

    ATV Oil Change

    Changing your oil and oil filter regularly is the best step to extending the life of your ATV. Because quads and ATVs are expensive investments, getting every year you can out of them is important. Our Bike shop offers quick oil and oil filter changes. 

    Although many people attempt to change the oil on their ATVs themselves, you can spend your weekend riding instead of working in the garage! Having your oil changed at a quad mechanic’s shop can help spot issues before they become expensive repairs. Trust your bike to the pros!

    Basic maintenance like an oil change isn’t just about going through the steps. Proactive maintenance also allows a mechanic to get an up-close look at your ATV. An ATV repair can quickly become expensive but we can catch a minor issue before it can cause more damage can save you from costly repair.

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    ATV Tune Ups 

    Are you certain that there’s more power in your ATV than what you’re getting now? There probably is. Most vehicles start to decline in performance, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for a new one. Your investment should last for years. A quad mechanic can schedule a tune-up any time of the year. 

    A tune up should always include full fluid changes, adjustments, electrical maintenance, lubrication, safety check, and carburetion. Many shops offer various levels of tune-ups but at Nico's we want to ensure that when your ATV leaves our shop, it performs like new!

    Quad Mechanic Services

    Whether you’re taking the quad or ATV out for the day or week-long camping strip you want to know that your vehicle is in top shape. Your ATV staying in peak condition starts with preventative care and basic maintenance. However, we offer repair and restoration services as well. 

    With our Dirt Bike Mechanic, you can always be sure that your ATV has only a skilled ATV mechanic doing the job. Applying the most modern tools of the trade, and techniques that have proven a success. Our mechanic focuses on quality of service and getting your ATV back to your quickly! 

    Call an ATV Mechanic

    Although it’s tempting to try the repairs or maintenance on your own, a skilled mechanic can always get your ATV back in top performance condition quickly! Looking up just any mechanic might not be the best choice.  You want someone who specializes in these types of Motocross vehicles.  A motocross mechanic can also spot necessary repairs before they cause extensive damage. Call an ATV mechanic to extend the life of your investment and get riding! Nico our top Mechanic is available for all your ATV maintenance and repair concerns. ​Give us a call today, and put your bike in the hands of a pro mechanic!