Best Dirtbiking in Massachusetts

Dirt biking in Massachusetts is some of the best in the Northeast, as well as some of the most heavily regulated. If you ride in Massachusetts, the Department of Conservation and Recreation land requires you to register your off-highway vehicle. You can only use an off-road vehicle in Massachusetts during the official riding season, beginning May 1st and ending the last Sunday in November at the latest.

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Choosing a Place to Ride

There are so many awesome spots and events for dirt bike and motocross riding in Massachusetts, especially in Worcester County, whether you are an expert racer or brand new to dirt biking. Before you start riding at one of the tracks below, it’s important to spend some time there as a spectator to figure out how the space works, where you enter and exit the track, and other conventions of that particular track. 

Here are some of the best places and events to ride at in Massachusetts:

Crowhill Motocross Track

Crowhill Motocross Track is located in Baldwinville in Worcester County. Crowhill Motocross offers a full-sized motocross track as well as a peewee track for younger riders. The track is open for practice and occasionally holds competitions and tournaments as well. Crowhill also offers private lessons.

The main motocross track is groomed and watered regularly and features a forest background and some slight natural elevation. Crowhill’s family-owned track also offers standard amenities, concessions, a practice schedule, and regular events. Crowhill often hosts exciting motocross events like the J Day GPs and NESC motocross. 

MX Twenty-Three

MX Twenty-Three is another great place to ride in Massachusetts. The track is located in Brookfield, also in Worcester County. Open since 1983, the track is well-maintained, groomed, and watered regularly. There are a variety of technical jumps, including singles, doubles, triples, rollers, tabletops, and step-ups, as well as open spaces. Riders of all skill levels can have a great time on this track.

J Day Off Road

The J Day Off Road series is an offroad racing series across the Northeast. The J Day Off Road series has three different racing formats: J Day GPs, Sprint Enduros and Moto Rodeos (endurocross racing). As of 2015, the J Day GPs drew an average of over 500 riders and are growing. They consist of two 30-minute races that consist of both woods and motocross racing. The courses are spectator-friendly and include an extreme, endurocross-style section.

There are also Sprint Enduro races, which involves three timed tests: the woods test on the trail, motocross test on grass, and an extreme test. There are youth, novice, amateur, pro, and expert-level classes of racers at the events — the J Day Off Road events are for all racers!

The Best Dirtbike Mechanic in MA

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Dirt bike maintenance has a steep learning curve, so instead of spending time learning how to service your own bike, get as much time out on the track as possible by working with a trusted professional like Nico in Newton. Dirt bikes are an investment, and so is maintenance of that bike. After a long day of riding, your bike will need a thorough cleaning and might need changes in its fluids and filters. Having an expert mechanic you trust can cut your time and costs in half!

If you have any questions or need any help with your bike at any point, from regular maintenance to full restoration and repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team of mechanics. Wherever you choose to ride, Nico can help you make sure your bike is in great shape without breaking the bank.