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Mechanic for Dirtbike in MA

We fix ALL types of Motocross/Enduro Bikes

Most people wish they could service their own bikes because it would mean that their favorite motorcycle would never leave their own garage. But at our Dirt Bike repair shop we treat your favorite bike like it’s one of ours. We want your bike to spend as much time on the course or track as possible. 

We understand that your motocross bike requires a lot of attention to work in top condition. That’s what we do! We offer a number of services and options to prepare, restore, maintain or repair your bike for your next ride.  At Nico's Motocross Mechanic, we service all dirt bikes, motocross bikes, enduro bikes, and more. If you’re looking for a top notch, knowledgeable dirt bike mechanic, call us today! 

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    Dirt Bike Maintenance

    A lot of riders eventually learn to do some of the basic maintenance on their bike. However, this takes away from the time you spend on the course. Your weekends could be spent training and riding instead of changing the oil. Not to mention the price difference isn’t as severe as most riders believe it is. The myth is that oil changes, coolant, tire changes and adjustments are small expenses that add up quickly. 

    The truth is that these necessary routine services can save you money on expensive repairs. A dirt bike specific mechanic can help you proactively maintain your bikes peak performance condition, saving you on avoidable repairs later. ​

    Dirtbike Oil Change

    Oil changes are an easy method of maintenance. Regular oil changes can extend the life of your favorite bike. Having a dirt bike mechanic familiar with dirtbikes do the oil change, instead of doing it yourself in the front yard can do more than save you from getting a little dirty, it will help increase the life of your bike if it is performed correctly. 

    Our mechanic Nico has a trained eye to identify potential problems and offer recommendations for proactive repairs. An oil change is a step towards caring for your bike and extending its life. Many dirt bike mechanics understand that oil changes are the opportunity for them to have a look at the bike before it takes on more damage. 


    Not having the proper amount of any fluid can lead to serious damage. But, coolant, in particular, can affect the reliability of your bike. The last thing you want to do is be during a race or on an Enduro course, and your bike gives out because of a lack of fluid maintenance.

    Check Valves

    Check valve clearance is one of the most time-consuming jobs when it comes to maintenance and at that, it usually only takes about an hour. At Dirt Bike Mechanic MA, we have the tools, and skill set to complete a check valve clearance service quickly without any loss of quality. Save yourself the time spent on basic maintenance by bringing in your bike to Dirt Bike Mechanic MA.


    With the tracks in Motocross, Supercross, and Enduro your bike will eventually take on damage. Crashes will happen, and they will result in some form of damage to your bike. But, that’s the cost (and part of the thrill) of the sport. 

    We understand that many repairs are necessary before you can get back on your bike for the next race or Enduro course. Dirt Bike Mechanic MA provides repair services for:

    • Damaged pipes
    • Brake system
    • Wheel Truing
    • Wheel lacing
    • Clutch replacement
    • Cylinder problems
    • Changing fork seals
    • Valve replacement
    • And more

    Lever Replacement 

    A special note on lever replacement because many consider this an easy do-it-yourself job. However, when you buy top of the line levers, so they last longer you don’t want to replace them incorrectly. 

    Clutch and Brake levers break. It’s the sign that you’ve taken your first hard crash, and now you need to replace your levers. Although many levers on the market claim to hold up against even the toughest crashes, they don’t last forever. 

    Suspension Repairs

    The suspension is one-part maintenance, one-part repair, and two parts experiences. The tools required aren’t typically found in your toolbox at home, and a mechanics skill set is important here. As a complex service, a quality mechanic is always recommended. At Dirt Bike Mechanic MA our suspension service is available for you and your favorite bike whenever needed.

    See a Mechanic

    At our dirt bike repair shop, we understand that many riders hesitate to see a mechanic. But the truth is that not every rider has the time to maintain and repair their bike. If you’re new to Motocross, dirt bikes or Enduro bikes, it’s best to build a long-lasting relationship with a mechanic you can trust. ​ ​We service NHRI and Mass.