Best Dirtbiking in Rhode Island

New England has some awesome motocross and dirt biking opportunities for riders of all skill levels, and Rhode Island is no exception. Home to the Rhode Island Trials Club, Rhode Island offers some unique opportunities for riders. This article will cover some of those opportunities, as well as where to get your bike serviced in the New England area.

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Where To Ride in RI

Rhode Island Trials Club

The Rhode Island Trials Club (RITC) in Exeter, Rhode Island consists of 900 acres used for moto trials, events, and practices. RITC is New England's largest moto-trial club. Moto trials involve riders tackling severe, difficult terrain and obstacles. Trials competitions consist of several marked sections. The Rhode Island Trials Club is part of the New England Trials Association (NETA). Even though moto trials are an intense sport, NETA’s local clubs have classes for riders of all skill levels from beginners through expert competitors. Moto trials at RITC and similar clubs can also be great cross-training for enduro, motocross, and other dirt bike sports. Membership is required to participate in RITC practices and trials.

F. Gilbert Hills State Forest

While not technically in Rhode Island, F. Gilbert Hills State Forest in Foxborough, Massachusetts is on the border between Rhode Island and Massachusetts and covers 1000 acres of state forest. The park offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and, of course, motorbiking. With nearly 8 miles of motorbiking trails, the park has a difficult, narrow, and rocky trail for dirt bikers to enjoy. This is a great option for Rhode Island riders who are looking for a challenging trail ride.

Dirt Bike Mechanic in New England

If you’re a rider in Rhode Island looking for a mechanic that specializes in dirt bike repair and restoration, come see Nico the Dirt Bike Mechanic in Newton, MA. Nico offers everything from oil changes to complete engine rebuilds. Whether you need standard maintenance or a full restoration, we keep our prices lower than the name brand shops while still offering high-quality mechanic work and dirt bike servicing.

If you have any questions, from regular maintenance to full restoration and repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our shop. Wherever in New England it is you choose to ride, Nico can help you make sure your bike is in great shape at a great price.